Week 4 Assignment: Observation 1

  • Age: 7 Months
  • Grade: Infant and Toddler Classroom


Jeremiah had an uncomplicated birth history. He was born into a two-parent home. His father is a military Captain who is frequently deployed, and he resides in the home with his mother and newborn sibling. His mother is employed outside of the home as a business executive. Jeremiah is enrolled in an early childhood program. He enjoys playing with toys, but seldomly interacts with other children. He enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror.

Home Life

Jeremiah was born on a military base hospital located on an international airbase. When he was 5 months old his parents returned to the United States and his father stayed on active duty. Jeremiah attends a military childcare program where he is enrolled in the infant classroom with like-age peers.

Developmental Details

Jeremiah enjoys being close to the lead teacher in the infant classroom and cries when she cannot attend to his immediate needs. He is beginning to crawl and can sit up without assistance. He enjoys playing peek-a-boo with his caregivers. However, because of the limited time he can spend with his father due to his busy work schedule on the military base, Jeremiah often cries when his father picks him up at the end of the day. Jeremiah is exhibiting stranger anxiety. Jeremiah does show he recognizes his mother and will cry during drop-off and reaches for her when she places him in his playgroup. Jeremiah enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror and can babble in response to his caregiver saying his name.

School Life

Jeremiah is able to show preference for his favorite musical toy in the classroom and sometimes cries when another child has the toy. He is fascinated by his own reflection and oftentimes will play near the mirrored wall in the classroom.

Ms. Robin has been Jeremiah’s teacher since he entered the Military Child Care Center. As part of the continuity of care program, Ms. Robin stays with the same group of children. She observes Jeremiah gets upset when he must share toys or finds a toy that another child has and tries to take it from them. He is often seen near another child named Bobby and he will try to take toys and attempt to pull toys out of his hand. Ms. Robin informed the assistant teacher that she must keep a close eye on Jeremiah so he does not get agitated when there is a toy he cannot acquire. Ms. Robin is working on developing ways to work with Jeremiah and his family to think about other activities that would interest him.

Behaviors & Domains

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Jeremiah can sit up on his own and is able to crawl across the room to reach for toys that are out of reach. He struggles with transferring objects from one hand to another. He does find comfort in placing toys in his mouth when he is tired.

Evolving Communication

Jeremiah can communicate through sounds, gestures, and facial expressions. He is able to repeat some sounds heard during play. He can also put together a chain of sounds, such as “ba-ba-ba” or “da-da.”

Social Emotional

Jeremiah is aware of familiar people. However, he does prefer when his aunt picks him up from childcare as he spends the majority of his time with her. He loves looking at his reflection in the mirror. He does laugh, but not often when excited. During playtime, he often plays by himself or finds a toy to entertain himself.


Jeremiah puts things in his mouth to explore them. He can push up with straighter arms when on his tummy. He can also lean on one hand to support himself when sitting without support. He crawls around the room to explore his space, but rarely interact with other children.



Learners completing a site-based experience will conduct one observation session to complete this assignment. Learners who choose one of the provided case studies will review the infant/toddler development of the child selected in the subject selection assignment in Week 2.

Include the following in your submission.

Observational and Anecdotal Notes

  • Explain observations most relevant for your analysis, including teacher-student and peer-to-peer interactions.

Developmental Domain Analysis (Physical, Cognitive, Language, Aesthetic, Emotional, and Social)

  • Evaluate two developmental domains by applying two child development theories that you feel are most applicable to your case study child at this stage of development.
  • Assess the areas of need within the developmental domains analyzed.

Predominant Influences

  • Analyze the influence of predominant factors of family, society, and culture that impact the child’s development.

In your work, be sure to also:

  • Use scholarly research to support your ideas.
  • Apply scholarly and professional communication skills consistent with expectations of the intended purpose.


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