The Accuracy Of The Film, Vision’s Chronology To Actual History

The Accuracy Of The Film, Vision’s Chronology To Actual History


Western Civilization courses are very fascinating because they involve civilizations that are both long gone and somehow still familiar. The echoes of ancient peoples still can be heard in the experiences we have in our own societies today. In partial fulfillment of the humanities portion of this Western Civilization course, all students are required to produce a 2,000 word paper. The topic of this paper may be related to any one of the four films. These films are found in the features section under Film and History. They are:

Alexander (2004),
Gladiator (2000),
Vision (2009),
Joan of Arc (1948), or, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999),
The essay to be produced should meet the following requirements:

possess a central argument in the form of a properly written humanities/history thesis statement
be properly structured as an essay paper, including an introduction (with a properly located and written thesis statement), proper recursive and supportive body paragraphs, and a conclusion (with a properly located and written restatement of the thesis)
include an appropriate amount of supporting excerpts (this can be images and or dialogue, a minimum of three) and evidences (as needed to support your argument) from the film, all to be properly cited
include appropriate supporting evidence and ideas from other materials (our textbook, instructor power points, or documentary videos included in this course)
a minimum of 2 academic outside sources which are linked from the Joliet Junior College journal data base in our JJC Library ( (Links to an external site.))
There are no set topics that must be researched for this essay paper. If you are comfortable researching a topic related to the film you selected from the list provided in this assignment, please feel free to do so. But if you do not feel comfortable generating and researching your own topic you may select any one of the default research questions below. Choosing from the list below will not advantage or disadvantage the grading of your paper. The below topics are applicable to all of the films from which we are able to select:

How accurate is the films chronology to actual history?
Does the portrayal of the central character of the film match the available historical record?
Does the depiction of the films central conflict match the available historical record?
How accurate are the visual elements/props (weaponry, costuming, scenery, etc) used in the film to the historical record?
How accurate is the portrayal of the romantic personal relationships to the historical record in the film?

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