How Social Media Platforms Might Be Used By Brands To Cocreate Brand Meaning

Watch these quick video case studies of brand co-creation. Then, choose one to analyze.

Surrender Your Say: Experiencing Tourette Syndrome on Twitter (warning: graphic language)

Domino’s Show Us Your Pizza

Pepsi Refresh Project

Below are some discussion prompts and questions that you may choose to address in your posts.

Are brand managers too reactive? Do they shape brands, or merely wait and respond to changing customer needs? Can you think of examples from your experience of proactive or reactive brand management?
Give an example of a social platform and how it might be used by brands to cocreate brand meaning.
Compare a cocreation campaign that you would participate with to one you would not and why.
Do the rewards outweigh the risks when it comes to realtime advertising?
What are your thoughts on the Pepsi Refresh Project? Was it a good use of marketing dollars or would a Super Bowl commercial have been better?

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