What Basis Do David Hume And Adam Smith Link The Origin Of Justice And Government



An essay of 2,000-2,500 words (NOT more than 2500)  Course: Enlightenment and the Scottish Enlightenment essay question: On what basis do David Hume and Adam Smith link the origin of justice and government to the invention of property? Are they right to do so?  An argument should be present in the essay and all parts of the question must be answered clearly. Citations are vital after every point made. Sources from my course:  Noxon, J. Hume’s Philosophical Development Pt. 5 MacNabb, D. David Hume Ch. 4 Stewart, J Moral and Political Philosophy of David Hume Ch. 2 Barfoot & Emerson in Stewart (ed.) Hume and Hume’s Connexions Rosenberg in Norton, D (ed.) Cambridge Companion to Hume Jenkins, J Understanding Hume Chs. 4 + 5 Forbes, D. Hume’s Philosophical Politics Chs. 2, 3, 9 Miller, D. Philosophy and Ideology in David Hume. Ch. 4  Buckle, S. & Castiglione, ‘David Hume and the Social Contract’ History of Political Thought 12 (1991)  Moore, J. ‘Hume’s theory of justice and property’ Political Studies (1976) Forbes, D. Hume’s Philosophical Politics Ch. 5 Stewart, J. Moral and Political Philosophy of David Hume Ch. 7 Forbes, D. Hume’s Philosophical Politics Ch. 6, 7  Flew, A. Hume’s Philosophy of Belief Chs. 7, 8  Broad, C.D. ‘Hume’s theory of the credibility of miracles’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 17 (1916-17): 77-94. Buckle, S. Hume’s Enlightenment Tract, part 2, section 10. Fogelin, R. A Defense of Hume on Miracles Gaskin, ‘Hume on religion’, in Norton, ed., Cambridge Companion to Hume Root, M. ‘Miracles and the Uniformity of Nature’, American Philosophical Quarterly 26 (1989): 333-42. Stewart, M.A. ‘Hume’s historical view of miracles’, in Stewart and Wright (eds.), Hume and Hume’s Connexions O’Connor, D. Routledge Guidebook to Hume on Religion Mossner, E.’Hume and religion’ Journal of the History of Ideas 39 (1978) Carrol, Noel, ‘Hume’s standard of taste’, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 43 (1984), pp. 181-194  Shelley, James R., ‘Hume and the nature of taste’, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56 (1998), pp. 29-38  Please make use of these sources. Thank you!

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