In what way is Prayer related to the practice of the Christian moral life?

Where God’s Will is Done IS Heaven. . . (my emphasis).”
In Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict said, “Where God’s will is done IS heaven.” Explain. Choose one of the Ten Commandments. How is
Benedict’s comment that, “where God’s will is done IS heaven” relevant to the
Catechism of the Catholic church teaching of that commandment, as we discussed it in our classes. In other words, in what way is prayer related to the practice of the Christian moral life, relative to what one of the commandments specifically enjoins.
Use only the Book Jesus of Nazareth Chapter 5 Which can be found at this website
And also only use the Catechism of the catholic church which can be found at (use article four of section two which is titled the commandment. you will be using the fourth commandment. Cite everything you can also use the slide i attached but no other outside sources and everything cited and quoted. in Chicago sytle

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