What is the Relationship between Chronic Diseases and Behavior Change?

Instructions (Article Critique)

For this assignment, locate the following article:

Ryan, P. (2009). Integrated theory of health behavior change: Background and intervention development. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2778019/

Review the article thoroughly, and address the following points:

From the lesson notes, what type of health research did Dr. Polly Ryan conduct?
Would you have conducted a different type of study here given the same research parameters? If yes, state which types are applicable, and if no, why not?
What is the relationship between chronic diseases and behavior change?
What are the assumptions of the integrated health behavioral change model?
Give two applications of the integrated health behavior change model to health promotion.
What is your personal opinion about the model?
What are three points you have learned from the article?

Your submission must follow the APA format and must be between 2-3 pages exclusive of cover page and references. Please note you should have:

cover page,
cited sources in APA format,
each question should be a potential heading for discussions,
do not use question and answer format,
conclusion, and
reference page.

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