Childhood Obesity

Policy Analysis Paper
Please complete a 11 to 12-page (excluding cover page and references) Policy Analysis Paper for the. The paper will cover the assigned sections of the PowerPoint presentation in greater depth. I will be attaching the finished powerpoint with all the information and references for the paper. Essentially, the paper is a more detailed extensive version of the powerpoint presentation. I have already completed the powerpoint presentation on Childhood obesity, please use the references I have used and add anymore that you may find. The policy I am implementing in this project is Smart Snacks. These Smart Snacks can be found in schools throughout the country to help students reduce fat intake from snacks and keep students eating healthy. In my powerpoint I have included an interview with a school worker, this interview must be included in the paper as well. I am also attaching the feedback I received from the powerpoint presentation. PLEASE make sure to include the interview and all the information from the powerpoint provided.

These should be explained and described in the paper:

Description of policy
Analysis techniques Defined and detailed the problem based on the policy analysis techniques
Plan for improvement, feasibility, and quality


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