Social Ecological System

Hi all, your Fall Term exam for ENVS 2400 is scheduled for Sunday 20 December from 0900to 1100 hrs. This timing will be the window to upload your responses to exam questions thatyou will receive ahead of time. Here are the instructions and guidelines, and the questionsthemselves. (This will also be posted on eClass)ENVS 2400 Examination Questions.Exam Date: December 20Time: 0900Location: submission via eClassTwo of the following four questions will appear on the final examination for ENVS 2400. Youwill be required to answer only one (1) of them. That means that you should choose, at aminimum, three of the questions below to study and prepare ahead of the exam, expectingthat at least one of the three will be on the exam.Preparation/study guidelines:* This exam is essentially a take-home exam that requires you to submit only one of thequestions on a list you are given. You will need to prepare responses to the questionsahead of time. Then when the exam period opens, upload the appropriate response to theTurnitin Fall Term Exam activity on the eClass website.* The expected response to the examination question should be around 1500 words. That isabout 6 pages of double-spaced writing (12 pt font, 1 inch margins) when the answer istyped. This does not include your cover page and other front matter, any tables or figures,and the list of references.* Prepare for these questions by treating them as short essays. Structure them with anintroduction, body, and conclusion/summary. Include a cover page with the course nameand number, a title (such as “Fall term exam: response to question [xx]”), your name and thedate. Include a list of references, properly presented in APA format. Cite your references inthe text. Double space your answer. If you include tables or figures, make sure that theseare properly cited and referenced.* In your answers, where appropriate, make specific reference to authors, journal articles,books, and other materials that you have read. It is stronger to refer to reference materialsin the literature, than to the course instructor’s lectures and lecture notes. You do not haveto restrict your references to the course reading list. (In fact, going beyond the materialsprovided in the course is a demonstration of initiative, intellectual curiosity, and excellence).* The exam questions can be quite general. This allows flexibility in how you might answerthem. Remember that you are being examined on your comprehension of the materialpresented in the course, so be sure to draw upon that material in your response. You arealso being evaluated on your skill in crafting the response and the intellectual capacity andcreativity you demonstrate in crafting your response.* You will have more than 5 weeks to prepare your answers. Do not leave this until the lastmoment.Examination Questions:1. Give an example of how you (as a human being, citizen, group etc.) are part of asocial-ecological system and describe the system’s processes and your role in it. Drawupon systems theory and terminology in your response.2. Using examples from a real-world situation, explain the concept of resilience and link it totheory in complexity science and environmental management.3. There are several common approaches employed in environmental planning andmanagement; compare and contrast two of them, advocate for one.

4. What is the nature (character/quality) of environmental problems? Using a real-worldexample, explain how adaptive management and ecosystem approaches can helpenvironmental managers address these kinds of problems?1. For your responses, target a range of 1000 to 1500 words.2. When the exam opens, you will have the option to respond to 1 of 3 questions (asopposed to 1 of 2 questions). Of the four possible questions that you have in front of you,this means that you need to prepare for 2 of them. This change will cut your work down by1/3rd. I hope that helps you out.

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