What is the Role of a Macro Economist

You may expand on this question however you see fit, but should focus primarily on the task of balancing control over unemployment and inflation, and why this task is important. You should discuss the issues that a macroeconomist faces, the tools that a macroeconomist has at his or her disposal to achieve macroeconomic goals, and when these tools should be used. A thorough paper should discuss the money market and the role the federal reserve bank plays in conducting monetary policy, as well as government intervention and the role that congress plays in conducting fiscal policy. Consider households, firms, government, and foreign nations, and how each plays a part in our macroeconomy.

1. I am choosing to leave this assignment open ended to this extent because I want you to be able to choose how you showcase your understanding of this material. I suggest approaching this paper as though you are writing it for someone who has never taken this class and has no background in the study of economics whatsoever. If this person approached you asking for an essential understanding of macroeconomics, could they read your paper and feel as if they understood the basics of the subject?

2. Be concise and specific. No less than 3 pages, but not more than 4.

3. Typed. Double Spaced. 12 point font. Times New Roman.



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