Discussing Leadership Strategies, suggestions on resolving common Supervisory Issues


ased upon your readings and class discussions during this semester, write a 10-page

research paper for newly promoted supervisors.Discuss leadership strategies, suggestions on resolving common supervisory issues and give advice about what NOT to do.The topics you read and discussed this semester include a number of points that provide guidance to effective police

supervision.The goal of this paper is for you to coalesce what you learned into what you believe

would be a great platform for a brand new supervisor in your agency to get started with. Utilize a

minimum of three outside sources and use in-text citations per APA standard.



This paper is to be done in strict adherence to the APA format. It is strongly

suggested that you communicate with the Writing Center early in the session and

enlist their help in mastering the APA format. They are busy, so don’t expect to be

able to wait until the last week to submit them a draft of your paper and then get it

back in time for the required submission date.


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