Discussing the role Operations Management and Operations Managers Play in managing Organisational Resources

This report should present the work of a reflection on the workplace or previous business experience and “how they could use what they have learned to generate new alternatives for operations in order to improve a process/or organisational performance?” you are required to identify an issue or opportunity relating to your business or your own activities which could be positively affected by the application of concepts and practices taught in managing operations. present this as a proposition, in which you will use theory and analysis to explain how the proposed alternative could produce a better result. In the report, you will need to explain why this alternative was chosen (its importance in the context, including a global perspective), the key decisions involved and the expected results. it can be as open or as focused, as long as it demonstrates an appropriate and rigorous use of the concepts and practices in explaining the proposed alternatives to specific business practices.


Understand the importance of operations management and its theoretical bases.
2. Know what the key decision-making areas in operations management are and be able to apply these to different contexts.
3. Discuss the role operations management and operations managers play in managing organisational resources.
4. Evaluate the contribution that operations management makes to performance and organisational improvement.

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