Fashion Cultural & Society

7AAICC29 -Fashion, Culture & SocietyAssignment2020/21(4,000 words, due date Thursday 14 January 2021, by(i.e. before)4pm GMT)Answer ONE of the following:1. To what extent, if any, does it make sense to refer to fashion as a modern,Western phenomenon?2. When approaching fashion as a social and cultural phenomenon, is it sufficient to adopt a broadly semiotic approach, focusing primarily on what fashion does -or does not -mean? 3. Ought fashion to be regarded primarily as a feminist issue?4. How might we best develop a ‘decolonised’ approach to the study of fashion and dress?5. Does it make sense, any longer, to refer to subcultural styles of dress?Please note:in order to answer any of these questions well, you willneedto draw on material from different parts of the module. Drawing onlyon the material associated most directly with the topic in question -such as, for question 5, the core and additional reading associated with Week 6: Fashion and Subcultural Style -willnotbe sufficient to provide a rounded and fully satisfactory to the question set. The questions are deliberately synoptic, in the sense that they require you to draw on material from different parts of the module.



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