How a Psychologist-Client Relationship could be Standardized

Develop a test plan, including defining the construct or constructs the test measures, choosing the test format, and specifying how to score the test. Now that you have read and studied Chapter 10, develop a test plan using a multiple-choice or essay test format to measure the information learned from this chapter.

As you all are formulating your discussion posts this week, please consider how a psychologist-client relationship could be standardized. What types of language and interactional factors might you have to consider to solidify standardization?

Here’s a paragraph from a peer-reviewed article that describes the related testing ethical code as well as some ideas to consider:

Psychologist-client relationship in psychological assessment. The quality of the relationship between psychologists and clients holds great importance in psychological assessment (Ackerman, Hilsenroth, Baity, and Blagys, 2000). Therefore, psychologists should be aware of their influence on clients and endeavor to bring the quality of this relationship to the highest possible level. Feldman and Sullivan (1971) reported that, when a good psychological-client relationship was established with elder children – verbal appraisal and a sincere speech – children were found to receive higher WISC-R scores (13 points higher) compared to the other group in which the test was performed with a more neutral speech (as Journal of Family, Counseling, and Education, 3(1), 17-29 24 cited in Groth-Marnat, 2009). According to another study, when compared with neutral or approving comments, disapproving comments of psychologists such as: “I thought you could do better than this” were found to result in a significant decrease in test performance (Witmer, Bornstein, and Dunham, 1971). However, to ensure standardization, feedbacks and the level of the established relationship should be kept at a certain level as far as possible in all tests (Groth-Marnat, 2009). In conclusion, a well-established relationship and feedback between psychologists and clients may significantly improve individuals’ test performance. In this context, one of the priorities of psychologists in psychological assessment should be establishing a good relationship with their clients (Finn, 2007).

Full Article:

One of the key elements of test development is standardization of the administration processes. Essentially, rules/guidelines that outline how the test is delivered consistently each and every time. Who will administer the test, where, and how long do participants have to complete the test? Keep these questions in mind as you develop your test.

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