What impact did the ideas of the Scientific Revolution have on the Enlightenment?

I am reading Cultures of the West A History Volume 2 Since 1350 Third Edition by Clifford R Blackman.

I am in Chapter 16. I need a brief paragraph written for each question below. By brief, I mean a paragraph or so, not a word, phrase, or sentence or two. In other words, I don’t need a 500-word essay per question, but I do need to have a complete, specific answer with details. The idea is that I demonstrate the subject matter read. No outside sources are necessary. Everything you need to satisfactorily answer the questions is in the book. There is no work cited. That’s all that is required.

1. What impact did the ideas of the scientific revolution have on the Enlightenment?

2. What role did the English Civil War and the revocation of the Edict of Nantes play in the Enlightenment?

3. Compare and contrast the philosophies of Rousseau and Voltaire.

4. What did the Enlightenment mean for Jews?

5. In what ways did the philosophes promote or fail to promote the interests of the common people?

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