What is it that ultimately accounts for our Personal Identity and/or Survival over time?


Prompt: What do you think ultimately accounts for our personal identity and/or survival over time? Is it a matter of having the same soul? The same brain? The same body? The same behavioral dispositions? Being psychologically continuous with a past self? Are we ever truly identical with our past selves over time? Does that matter at all to survival?

1. Introduction – This consists of a brief summary of the nature of the debate, a clear statement of your stance on the issue, and a brief roadmap of how you intend to present your argument for this conclusion.
2. Reconstruction – Here you will present and explain the views of the philosopher(s) that you will be discussing. You are permitted (and encouraged) to use quotes from the relevant texts we’ve examined, in this portion of the paper. However, when doing so, you should always provide your own explanation of what is meant by the passages you’ve cited and define any technical vocabulary that is used.
3. Argument – Here you will state your reasons for believing that one view on the topic is better supported than its rival(s). You do not have to provide a completely original argument for your thesis, but should explain, in your own words, why you believe the reasons that you have identified provide good logical support for your thesis.
4. Objection – Here you will identify a potential problem for your view – i.e., reasons for thinking that the thesis you are defending is false. Cite and explain the relevant argument(s) against your view.
5. Reply – Here you will state your reasons for believing that the objection you have identified does not provide good reasons for rejecting your thesis.
6. Conclusion – A brief reiteration of what you believe you have demonstrated by means of your argument in this paper.

Sources requires are John Locke “personal identity” and Thomas Reid “Of Mr.locke’s account of our personal identity”

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