How important is it to keep good records & how are records kept?

Contextualizing Your Placement Site

Instructions: In a group of at least two other classmates, discuss and answer the questions below for each of your placement sites. As a written homework assignment, the information that you collect in your discussion with your classmates should be used to write a comparative analysis paper in which you compare and contrast how and in what ways your placement site is similar and different from the placement sites of at least two of your classmates. If you are unable to answer some questions during your discussion, you should agree on a plan for answering the questions and for communicating with one another before the next class so that you can write your comparative analysis paper. In your comparative analysis paper, your comparison must include discussion of the four “levels of contextualization” identified below. (Note: During your discussion with your classmates, you should feel free to use your laptops or smart phones to help you answer the questions below about the “contexts” of your different placement sites). compare and contract. the 2 classmate use name, substance, tough, critical thinking,

Levels of Contextualization
Critical Questions To Help You Gain Perspective
At the Agency level; coco
Is it a public or private agency?
Answer: big brother big sister; private agency. To whom is the agency accountable? to its private donor.
How are services funded? answer: privately founded to donor and non profit.
How is it structurally organized? answer: a lot of structure, enrollment team, matches support team, program services as circles, department financing.
How important is it to keep good records & how are records kept? answer: very important, kept file electronically sales forces, zoom, teats, email
At the Program level
Are certain programs selective—
choosing their participants from the larger client pool? answer: very specifically choosing our participant with different organization.

Does participation in one program preclude participation in others?
answer: time commitment to one program.
At the Client level answer from COCO
Who is eligible to be a client?
answer; anyone family of need that needs. broken household.
What are the expectations of proper client behavior?
answer: respectful, lead with a purpose,
How do clients typically interact with staff?
answer: match support goal, growth in development , well being of the child.
What kind of demands can clients make on staff?
answer: anything that related needs.
When are clients referred? answer: when teach see the benefit for mentor.
At the Staff level
Do some staff have more clout or more privileges than others?
answer; no, no aware.
What informal rules exist regarding staff behavior toward clients?
answer; ormal rules.
What is considered unethical behavior? answer: anything going to unescasry fight. any violation, volunteers. conversation inapopriate.
Who supervises whom?
answer: a lot supervisors everybody has their own supervisors.
How important is it to be accountable for one’s time?
answer: supper important, do my independant work to accountable for you time.


alberthe Berrouet; answer
activity department. outside visit for intern, resident interview, courtyard nursing home, don’t know the founder, electronically, some stay on the nursing station, do selective . private insurance and pay by themselve. respectfull, disrespectful as well, anytime of demand, serve people at need, geneses health care founded them.


write paper and learning plan done with your supervisor, journal writing,


plus my info doing it in a hospital settings.

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