How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography



How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography
Throughout your studies, you will read many texts and journal articles. In many courses, you will be asked to prepare an annotated bibliography to assist you in preparing key assignments. An annotated bibliography is a writing and research tool that you want to master because it allows you to record important information in a concise and scholarly way quickly.
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Annotated Bibliographies. Purdue Online Writing Lab

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography. Cornell University

For this assignment, begin your research for your Signature Assignment. Please develop an annotated bibliography utilizing five scholarly resources that will help you answer questions related to your case study or population of choice for your Signature Assignment. As you complete your initial research this week, also consider the ideas you learned about during the first three weeks of this class because they may assist you in further developing your ideas.
Please include resources that offer the following:

Describe the particular characteristics of the individual or population.

Describe particular issues they may deal with in a correctional setting, including:

relationships with other offenders and staff

possible issues with authority

treatment-related concerns

violence/ trauma-related concerns

Relevant research on this population and its interaction with the correctional system.

Length: At least five annotations

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