The Art of war during the 14th Century

1. I will be discussing, “The art of war during the 14th Century”. It shall outline and detail the outcomes that ushered change during that time across Europe. I would like to discuss technology, literature, music, and art.

2. Some of the sources that can be used:
“The Middle Ages”. Peter Lewis, 2015.
“The History of the Medieval World”. Susan Bauer.
“Ancient History”. J.M. Roberts.
“Poem Criticizing the Avignon Papacy”. Raimon de Cornet.

3. This topic ties together lessons we covered and shows why there are remnants of laws today due to what happened. The things they experienced were essentially the blueprints to modern civilization. Looking at the thought processes and the sentiments we can understand how progression has changed.

4. Thesis Statement: In the fourteenth century, religious beliefs were not the only source to inspire progression, but war and conflict. The advancements of thought enacted a call to social hierarchy being adjusted. This was often backed by poetry writers, literature excerpts, and demonstrations.

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