Importance of Interpreting the Gospels

Review this week’s content. Consider what you have learned from the materials you reviewed. Then, find 1 word that you feel best sums up the content with which you have engaged. In addition, use the LBC | Capital Library’sLinks to an external site. host of journals, books, and other resources to find a scholarly source which supports your reasoning for your 1 important word.

Present your 1 important word along with your supportive resource and a rationale of 1–2 paragraphs explaining why that word is the best representation of this information. Then, in an additional 1–2 paragraphs, share how your important word is reinforced by other materials you have engaged with in this course.

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As you work through the material for this week, I thought I’d take a moment to make sure something is clear.
The word “criticism”, in the context of this week, does not mean that we are “criticizing” the Bible. Rather, the term is a technical term in literary studies (whether one is studying the Bible or any other work of literature). A synonym for “criticism” is “analysis.”
Gospel criticism involves analyzing the text from different perspectives. For example, source criticism analyzes the sources used by the Gospel writers (e.g., did Matthew have the Gospel of Mark in front of him when he was writing his own gospel?).
These types of literary criticism are tools. A tool can be used for good or for ill. A hammer can be used to construct a building or kill a person. There are scholars out there who use Gospel criticism to argue that the Gospels are unreliable and inaccurate. There are other scholars who use Gospel criticism to argue the exact opposite — that they are reliable and accura


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