Nationalism vs Globalism

Geography 316 –Europe Final ExamNationalism vs GlobalismUp to recently, globalization was accepted to be anatural effect of international people, product, information and financial flows. Nationalism was not at issue because globalization appeared to be in the national interest. The result of Brexit has changedthe perspective of thisdebate.Usingthe information,you have acquired from lectures, articles, videos and the panel discussion (and any other sources),discuss the pros and cons of the UnitedKingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.You are expected to writeapaper of no less than 1000and no more 1500words.Please type in 12-pointfont, Times New Roman,and double spaced. Expectation of essay structure:•Introduction•Pros(at leastthree)•Cons (at least three)•Discussion (take a positionhere…what do you agree with most?)•Conclusion Rubric:•Participation in debate: Present during thedebateand asked a question–10 points•Writing quality: Expression, fluency of writingplussticking to aboveguidelines,spelling, punctuation and grammar–15 points•Evidence: Providing evidence from course materials to support your arguments(remember to cite your work) –25 points•Content: Arguments that are relevant, important and logical to the question –25 pointsTotal–75 points

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