Attachment and the Growth of Love

Give us a one-ish paragraph summary of this Psychologist’s ideas as connected to development and say which Major Perspective they link to best (see the “200 perspectives PDF in this week’s module for the options). Try to give more specifics than what our textbook would say- reference an example from the clip to support your summary. Close your summary with this: What do you think was the most important influence to development according to this Psychologist?

I attached the script of the video. You can read it and summarize this Psychologist’s ideas.
Also, I attached the textbook. so you need to connect major perspective Psychologist’s idea link to best.

Also, you need to quote a statement from the video.
Films Media Group. (2005). Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the growth of love . Films On Demand.

Please follow the instructions!


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