The  Epic  of  Gilgamesh

The  Epic  of  Gilgamesh

  1. What is  the  relationship  between  human  beings  and  their  deities?


  1. How is  Gilgamesh  linked  with  the  world  of  nature  and  animals?


  1. What is the meaning of friendship, family, and public duty?


  1. What caused  Gilgamesh  live  to  want  immortality?


  1. What  tests  did  Gilgamesh  face  throughout  his  life?


  1. How does  this  epic  inform  the  reader  about  ancient history?


  1. Which story  has  a  parallel  version  in  the  Old  Testament?


  1. How does  Gilgamesh  attempt  to  become  immortal?  Why  is  he  not  successful?


  1. In what  sense  does  Gilgamesh  achieve  immortality?


  1. What are  your  thoughts/opinions  on  the  epic?



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