Discussing the Process of Labour and birth


Brief Summarization of each in word document APA Format( MUAT be explain/written in nursing language). summarization to discuss THE PROCESS OF LABOR AND BIRTH (pg 356-366)DISTINGUISHING TRUE LABOR FROM FALSE LABOR, THE FOUR STAGE OF LABOR ( please put in order as listed based on assignment required)
Summarization must be done from the book we are currently using. Do not copy word from book, own words, should you use a quoted from book please use page number and MUST quote word or sentence example “ No plagiarism” ( Ward,S.L.,& Hisley,S.M (2009).Maternal-child Nursing Care:Optimizing outcomes for mother,children,& Families.F.A. Davis Company) have uploaded the pages that reference.After EACH paragraph/summarization MUST be CITED. MUST have reference. No PLAGIARISM, automatic expelled!!! Please let me know if everything uploaded is legible or do I need to upload anything else.

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