Effective ways for businesses to communicate during a crisis


Example links of plans made by other companies: https://today.duke.edu/showcase/emergency_plan/





This assignment allows students to highlight the essential elements of a crisis communication plan and identify the various stages of a crisis by creating a plan that serves as a basis for managing any crisis that an organization may face. This assignment allows students the freedom of working independently to better understand the most effective ways for businesses to communicate during a crisis.


Assignment: Study chapter 2 of “Leading Through a Crisis” and conduct additional research of relevant crises and plans to gain a deeper understanding of the components of a crisis communications plan. Students will use their current or recent jobs as the subject to write a crisis communications plan (due January 20) that will serve as the basis of future assignments throughout the course.


Your 20+ page crisis communication plan must address all stages of a crisis as discussed in chapter 2.
You must hand in your crisis communication plan on January 20.
Your crisis communications plan may follow any standard format highlighted in the text, in the assigned case-study assignment document, or over the course of your additional research.
Your crisis communications plan must include a table of contents.
Your crisis communications plan must include an executive summary.
Your crisis communications plan must include a bibliography (use MLA, APA, or Chicago Style).

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