The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the UN Sustainable Development Goals


The research paper is on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

After you read about it here and you also read this UN article you should choose one out of the 17 SDGs. For your paper use the UN sources but also independent sources, like major newspapers and magazines, and academic journals and publications from NGOs (Non government organizations). On the internet you will find all the sources you need. You should not use blogs or unverified posts on social media.

In your paper, you should describe the goal and how the UN is trying to reach it by 2030. You also have to give your opinion (based on your finding in your research) on whether you think the UN will be able to reach this goal. If the answer is positive, describe the best work done to reach it so far. If your answer is negative, describe why it is not possible to reach the goal with the present strategy. What are the main problems and how could they be fixed.

Include in your paper considerations on the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the SDGs program and, in particular, on the goal that you are addressing.

Also, if you could give advice to the UN Secretary-General on this particular goal, what it would be?

Add to the paper any other considerations you think are relevant to better understand the importance of this particular sustainable development goal.

2,000 words no less

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