Why knowing and doing theology is essential for developing a Christian worldview


Develop a thesis and write an essay in 5-paragraph form answering the following prompt:
Reflecting over the things we have discussed in class about the nature and method of theology, write a 5-paragraph essay in which you present and support a thesis that explains why knowing and doing theology is essential for developing a Christian worldview.

he 5-Paragraph Essay Lesson Aims • Explain the purpose of the 5-paragraph essay form • Explain the structure of the 5-paragraph essay form and each of its components • Identify the qualities of a good thesis statement The 5-Paragraph Essay Form The 5-paragraph essay form is a standard, basic essay form designed to help students to develop the fundamental skills of expository writing. Stylistically, the 5-paragraph essay is like plain vanilla ice cream: it fills all the basic functions called for, but without panache. A wellwritten 5-paragraph essay, like well-made vanilla ice cream, is a sweet treat, but after mastering the basics, it is much more interesting to branch out. Our purpose for using 5-paragraph form is to help you focus on developing good habits of clear theological thought and expression. The form requires you first to develop a solid thesis for which you will argue, and then to build your exposition of that thesis around 3 essential points. The ability to do this is absolutely foundational to all good theological thinking and writing, and our goal in Prelude is to help you master these foundational skills. If you have a good thesis and a good argument to support and develop it, then further research and reflection will deepen and improve your work. No amount of research can shore up a poorly conceived thesis or a poorly constructed argument. You will have opportunity in later courses to develop the research and reflection skills n

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