Disruption of Higher Education

Attached is a good report for the consultancy project for the client – but I need to turn it into an academic submission for the MBA (the process in witch I got the information/methodologies used (interviews, questionnaires, etc), and the change management actions (use example 5 as a reference of what the expectation is).

The purpose is to demonstrate the processes of consultancy (need to be included) through to get to the final report fo the client (the task is to create/write this part). For this, I´m attaching an example considered a good method of the process (Consultancy example 5).

I need to demonstrate how me as an (internal) consultant went through the processes step by step and alongside this you need to show what you did to take a consulting approach, how you contracted with the client and why, what methods of discovery you used and why, how you gave and received feedback to/from the client, recommendations for implementation and a process of implementation, and the lessons you learnt.

I need to produce a report that covers the above (need someone who can imagine it with guideline attached(proposal template)- and summarize the consultancy report a second shorter report that is for the client.

What I have written seems to be the output of the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ – for example the background to the project, the discovery phase (with the outputs of the research) with some coverage of the methods you used to gather the data. There is some coverage of the contracting phase through stakeholder identification. But I need someone to fill in the gaps producing the method of an academic paper.

In the proposal proforma template it is explain in high level the process, the intent of the academic paper. Maybe you can use that as a guideline and the example 5 as the format the consultancy report needs to be re-written. It should include all references and add more.

ideally, you should include and not delate the most references you could


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