Explain Communty Health Nurse Role.

Paper instructions;
During a planning session,  you discuss a review of at least 3 key challenges , regionally, or globally-local challenges and priorities are preferrable) .
The  example :
1- challenges due to an ever-increasing population, an increase in the number of older and frail patients.
2-escalating health costs and advancement in technology in health care systems.
3-the perception of nursing as a low status job a feminine profession
and misbehavior of patients and family members with nurses .
4- the plurality of dialects and beliefs in society.

Then answer to the following:
a. What are the key challenges that face public health nurses in the 21st century?of at least 3

b. The community is facing severe health disparities in the basic physical care of the underserved population. Ultimately, the most important changes in health disparities must occur at the local level. What role does the public health nurse play in dealing with this crucial issue?of at least 3

c. During the planning session, it was identified that there are different cultural groups represented in the underserved communities. What do C.H.Nurse need to consider to achieve cultural competency for the care of the patients in these communities?of at least 3

d. The discussion during the planning session included a review of ways to ensure a safe and healthy environment or social . What are ways to examine the effects of the environment on human health?of at least 3

Grading Criteria:
-Identified key challenges From most important to least.
-Role of the community health practice-nurse specialist in dealing with this crucial issue?
-Cultural competency of the community health practice-nurse specialist .
-Relationship to community health at all levels: locally and nationally .
-The correlation of the first and second question with the third and fourth.
Logic, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, objectivity .

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