Public Health on Chronic Diseases

Select a chronic disease or chronic disease risk factor, assuring that the topic is cited in the Community Guide to Preventive Services and/or Healthy People 2020/2030.

Review the three types of evidence as designated by Brownson et al in: Brownson, Ross C., Jonathan E. Fielding, and Christopher M. Maylahn. “Evidence-based public health: a fundamental concept for public health practice.” Annual review of public health 30 (2009): 175-201.

Type One Evidence:  For the topic selected, do a review of key evidence which indicates why something should be done- what is the epidemiological and social/behavioral data and context for addressing this problem.  Utilize at least 8-10 sources of data from peer review literature and from “grey literature” (reports, federal agency documents, etc.).  Write a brief paper making the case for addressing this issue.  Include any priority population/disparity/health equity issues.  Paper should be well developed, written with good format- as from an outline, not one long narrative, and all references should be cited.  Graphs, tables and other data visualization may be included. Paper should be at least four pages of narrative with visuals adding to the page count. See additional parameters below.

Assignment Specifications:

  • Times New Roman size 12 font
  • Single-spaced
  • No less than 4 pages and no more than 5 pages
  • .75 inch margins all around
  • APA style – 7th edition
  • At least 6 peer reviewed references utilized
  • Reference List included (adhering to APA 7th edition as well)


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